****ECLIPSE COLLECTION, MARCH 27,2024 *****Join the Studio Insider Email List for 10% off your next purchase***
****ECLIPSE COLLECTION, MARCH 27,2024 *****Join the Studio Insider Email List for 10% off your next purchase***
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Moving Mountains- Changes & Gratitude

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I've been trying to think of ways to thank my customers and supporters for the last THREE years! I can't believe it's been that long!

Three years ago I got the call, like so many people that I was being laid off, due to this crazy virus.  At the time everyone thought we might be out for a couple weeks. Well, the weeks turned in to months and then YEARS. I needed to help support my family, so I started selling jewelry that I had been making as a hobby. I was really no where near ready to sell, but I had to try. So that is how CREATIVE ROOTS STUDIO was born!

I guess you could say the rest is history, I made a lot of mistakes, but I have also made leaps and bounds. So many of your supported me when I really needed it! I will never forget that!

To celebrate 3 years in business and THANK all of you I wanted to first give everyone on my email list a discount code. I don't do this often, not really EVER, but this is a special occasion.

I am also planning a rewards program, which means that you will earn points for each purchase and be able to use your points towards MORE jewelry or even a custom piece. 

I will also be choosing FIVE random people from my email list to receive a HAPPY mail. A special little gift from ME to YOU for being so good to me. I know that putting your name on an email list is a HUGE ask. We get so much spam and pure garbage delivered to our inboxes... 

ALSO I'm feeling really excited for another year in business, so I've decided to... do a little GIVEAWAY over on INSTAGRAM!! HEAD over @creativeroots_studio to ENTER





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